Eco-excursion in transparent canoes


April 1st, 2014




Last Tuesday, we went on a field trip with the European Section. We left the high school and went to Vauclin where the bus dropped us near a beach. We made it there walking with our stuff.


We change into swimsuits and got by the water to meet our instructors: Marc and Gérald. Unfortunately, I can’t swim so, I was a bit disappointed not to get into transparent canoe. I climbed into Marc’s boat instead and watched the students paddle. On our way, we reached a piece of land called “The Lantern”. We were lucky enough to be able to walk on it because it was at low tide; the rest of the time “The Lantern” is submerged under water.


Gérald is a gardener. He told us about the wildlife in the area especially about urchins. After that, we got back to the beach and put our clothes on again. Then, we went to Pointe Faula to eat and rest before going back to school. This field trip was interesting experience because the sight was beautiful and I love learning new things.




Samira RENE

European Section Seconde 1/Première S












Have a look at some photos taken when going to Miami (April 2010), Dominica again (February 2012), and London (February 2017) :






Miami :






Dominica :



London, This Lovely City 


Febuary 19th to 28th, 2017







2013-2014 with Acajou 1 European Section




The European Section of Acajou 1 is designed for students who wish to improve their practice of the English language. It’s really interesting to participate in plenty activities. During the 2013-2014 school year, we started by just commenting on documents very thoroughly. It was informative and quite fun as the documents were cartoons and paintings.



The European Section also implies getting involved in various projects as on Valentine’s Day 2014 when we sold pretty bracelets -that is a way of collecting money for the school trips to come- or the Press Week. We had the visit of journalists working with Fey Magazine, a local publication dedicated to the protection of the environment. We interviewed the journalists and asked them about their jobs. We learnt much about a journalist’s life. It was a great meeting.



Before that, on December 14, 2013, we had started the year with a beautiful event: the tenth anniversary of Acajou 1 European Section. We organised a great exhibition with the students, their parents, and some guests. It was wonderful. Everybody was happy and satisfied. We presented our work and future plans such as the Comenius projects.



There are currently two Comenius projects under way in Acajou 1. One is about water and is called “Europe takes the plunge!”; the other “Melting away for the climate” focuses on sustainable development. Comenius is a famous 16th-century Greek philosopher who always wished to improve education. Comenius projects favour the cooperation between various schools, closer relationships between European pupils and teachers and the practice of several languages. Besides, two girls of Acajou 1 went to Turkey thanks to one of the projects.



Several schools are involved in the project named “Europe takes the plunge!”: Acajou 1, Vimeu’s  Professional High School, Egalea Middle School, Lon Luca High School, MTE Middle School, and Josefina de la Torre High School. Since we take the plunge, we mostly work on water-related issues. It is very interesting. We even made brochures on the subject, more precisely on World Water Day. You could check what you know about that event by taking the short quiz we have prepared on the topic.



Thanks to the project, in 2013-2014, we were treated to a field trip in transparent kayaks. It was really an amazing experience that we will remember our lives long! It was fun and we learnt much about the ecosystem of our island. Check the school website: you will find the accounts some European students gave of our eco-excursion to Vauclin.



This school year, we’ll still work on water-related issues. For the first time, we have had to organise a debate because of the referendum on the possible independence of Scotland held in September 2014 (Check what one of us wrote about this activity). There will be other topics to work on and other events of course! So, don’t hesitate to read Branché –the school paper- and visit the school website!





European Section (Première)




Cambridge English Certificate



Chaque année, les élèves de Seconde Section Européenne qui le souhaitent ont la possibilité de s’inscrire au «Cambridge English Certificate (CEC)» et d’évaluer leurs compétences en compréhension écrite/orale ainsi qu’en expression écrite /orale en anglais. Les épreuves ont généralement lieu en mars et les résultats sont transmis en septembre. Voici quelques témoignages pour l’année scolaire 2016-2017. Comme vous le constaterez, les avis sont partagés:


”I was stressed; the reading and writing parts were very hard but the oral exam was easier […]” (Anne –Elizabeth)


The CEC is a very interesting experience. It taught me a lot” (Doriane)


“I found the CEC so-so; some exercises like the one consisting in finding the correct school for each student, were difficult. Plus, it was Friday and I was tired. The oral expression part was easier for me. The teachers were nice and the test interesting.” (Séphora)


‘For me it was like an exam so, I was stressed especially for the first part. The second part was easier.” (Séphora)


“The written part was hard. We had to be concentrated for two hours. The oral part was rather easy and I wasn’t stressed. I exchanged with the teachers and we talked about me” (Audran)


“The written part was easier than I had imagined. Just before taking the exam, I was really stressed but when I was in front of the sheet of paper, it was easy for me. For the second part, it was not hard for me to exchange with the teachers.” (Maëly)


“I’m not sure I will pass the CEC but I did my best.” (Taïs)

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