Afin de vous convaincre de nous rejoindre, nous vous proposons quelques témoignages d’élèves qui vous font part de leurs impressions. Ce sont eux qui en parlent le mieux:





My name is Yanick CYRILLE, I am sixteen years old, and I am in the literature section in Acajou 1.

One of my favourite school subjects is English. I have liked this language since I was four. Because of this passion, I have chosen the European Section option. I want to improve my accent, my vocabulary, and knowledge of English-speaking countries, especially the United-Kingdom and America.

In the future, I want to begin my professional practice in an English-speaking country (Canada or the USA). That’s why I need the European Section and the knowledge that it can offer me.


Krystel :


I started the European Section option when I was in year 10. My wish was to speak English fluently, to practise this language as much as possible and the European section has been a good opportunity for that. I also wanted to learn more about British and American civilisations which are totally different from ours.

In year 10, I was charmed by the atmosphere of this section. There was much play and fun. We debated on all sort of things; we watched movies in English like “witness” and other lesser films. It was very funny. So, I said to myself: why not carry on with this option? Today, the subjects are more serious; the option remains interesting though.


Sarah-Lyne :


Personally, I chose the European Section because I love English. I always need to speak English, to understand songs in English. So, I always have a dictionary with me. Thanks to the European Section and the trips we have made, I have been able to improve my English. I also understand English-speaking people better. Moreover, I want to work in tourism. Therefore, I chose the European Section to be better prepared for my future job.



By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

(Benjamin Franklin)

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